Friday, September 16, 2011


My friends are telling me they are wondering how I've managed not to have a nervous break down.  I'm just glad I'm not the only one wondering.  All I can say is that the ostrich approach seems to work right now and my friends are my life line.  I've also decided to take one day a week for me, to do whatever I want.  And guess what that will be tomorrow??? 


Yup, not dealing with pool removal (or flood).  I'm not dealing with the move.  Or thinking about work.  I'm going to write.  That's it...well, I might attack a few loads of laundry here and there.  Right now, I've got so much material, I need to get it down before I forget it all!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chaos is my best friend!

What has happened lately?  Alot!

1.  Came home from a business trip to a my shower running thanks to the maintence man who did not close the shower curtain. Result: ruined scale and had to wait until my hot water heater caught up so I could take a shower.

2.  Got a call from my boyfriends neighbor and ran over to his house to find 21 inches of water in his basement while he's out of town.  Result: A lot of ruined crap, tons of hours disposing of ruined crap, and the insurance company can't fit us in until the end of the month because this doesn't qualify as an emergency.

3.  Aired up a tire and got hit by a car...yes, a car tire litterally came in contact with my ass.  Result: luckily, the dumbass driving was only going about 1 mph and I just had a scrapped knee from being sprawled over the sidewalk.

Since bad things come in 3's, I figure I'm done...or at least I hope I'm done. 

So, preperations for the move begin, as well as writing since I very little if, any destractions will exist for the next year.  I still have the move and work, but that is all relative.  I've got two different stories begging to get out of my head a the moment. 

The first is the divorce story, which is proving to be just as funny as The Jerk List. 

The second is going to be about a woman who sends her man off to a war zone - yes, I know, I'm writing about my life again.  However, while I will be incorporating some of the things I'll be going through the next year, most of it will NOT be something I experience.  Instead, it will be about what a woman goes through at home.  It will be a fine line showing this since I write humor and I don't want to make a joke out of it.  But let's face it - women are funny!  There has to be a way to show our soldiers the respect they desearve and to show what a woman really goes through at home in a humorous light - and I've got time to find it!