Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back from the Big Apple

I just got back from the RWA conference and I'm happy to say that I've made a lot of new friends, have a request for a full from an agent, and am more siked than ever to write.  The problem?  I'm exhausted.  Yup, completely and utterly exhausted.  But that is nothing that a nap with my favorite pillow won't fix.  After that, all bets are off.

I'm also happy to say that I didn't do anything completely 'Jackie' style like usual.  So no klutzy, embarrassing moments; however, my mouth was in full Jackie mode.  Several women cracked up when was waiting in line at a book signing and I made the comment that I hoped no one tried to shove a box of books up my ass like they had at the last one.  So yes, no censorship, or filter, or anything.

So to the sum up the trip:

Monday:  Bobbie and I arrived.  Jade Lee was in our shuttle and we ended up having lunch with her after Bobbie told her get her skinny butt in the van.

Tuesday:  We did the site seeing thing.  Went to the Statue of Liberty and then had lunch in China Town.  It was a lot of fun.  After that, the literary signing was going on so I volunteered with that.  I got a picture with Kenyon and Love, two of my absolute favorite authors.  I also met Janet Chapman, another all time fav.

Wednesday:  The conference was in full swing and I went mainly to the PRO events after sleeping in a bit.  I met a lot of wonderful women who I talked to throughout the conference.  Even with everything that goes on at the conference, this is one of the most valuable things.  I learned a lot about houses, agents, editors, market trends, etc., from women who are dealing with the personally.  If you were ever debating about going - the networking and friends you meet are worth it alone.

Thursday:  Free books everywhere you looked (and everyone who knows me knows I love free - especially books) and programs.  I pitched to an agent and she asked for the full.  I was so excited, I ended up with a bottle of Beam after the Irish Pub.

Friday:  Again, more free books and programs.  I met a lot of people I hope I stay in contact with this time (I wasn't too good about that after DC).  I even put on a dress and heals for the RITA and GH awards.  The shoes didn't stay on long, but I did my best.

Saturday:  Came home to my honey, who met me at the airport with a kiss and a Dr. Pepper.  Who wouldn't love a man like that?

Now, I just have to get my book off to the agent and keep my fingers crossed. 


  1. Bwhahahahaha! Your lack of censorship is what I love about you :)

  2. Sounds like you had fun. I'm so jealous.