Sunday, May 5, 2013

RT Conference Continued

So the conference is done - at least for me.  They have a few events scheduled for this evening but I've got other plans.  Plus...I'm just worn out and on information over load!  This conference was so much fun.  I came home with tons of books, found several new authors I had to race home to buy (their books, not them), and caught up with some amazing friends.  The best thing though was meeting some new ones.  I always love meeting authors, but as an aspiring author, I love it most when I get to meet someone who is aspiring with me.  There are a lot who I meet at local events, but there is just something different about meeting other authors from other places too.  Here are two friends I hung out with quite a bit.  Both are amazing women and I hope that we don't have to wait forever to see each other again.

I went to Jade Lee's 50th Roast.  Loved hearing about all the stories about her over here career. The cover models were there...I love a man with a sense of humor, which they ALL had.  At one point, someone says that Jade has always said chocolate was better than sex.  After teasing her that she was doing it wrong, someone else brings up some dark chocolate to give here.  The 'chocolate' cover model puts his hand up and yells "That's me." and precedes to feed it too here. The woman almost swooned!

But the funniest part of the night was when Cherry Adair kept looking at me funny at a signing.  I think she thought I was stalking her.  I really wasn't, though I can see where she might have thought so.  RT was raffling off some gift baskets and I was standing where I could hear the man in the kilt calling numbers - which is right behind Cherry.  Plus I was waiting for a friend who was loading up on books.  When my friend found me, I told her that I figured it would be easier if I just stayed in one place until she found me.  Cherry must have heard me because she started laughing and told my friend "Yup, she hasn't moved from this ONE spot. Not a single step."  I did of course get in line for one of Cherry's books and tell her that this time, I was after her.  That woman is hilarious!

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